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Meet your Soulmate, Pacemaker, Growth mate!

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Due to optimum service provide, only selected 100 people will get access to the closed beta program

*We do not discriminate the participants by any nationality, sex, occupation. They are just for variety of range of opinion.

You can write in any language!


Caii Remembers Everything Forever.

And later, ask her anything! Whether it's a friend's birthday, meeting supplies, flight times, or your special food recipe. You're okay to forget, because she will remember instead of you. Focus on your important tasks.


Interact with Artificial Intelligence!

Caii ushers in the age of Interactive AI experiences.

No longer do you need to talk to a faceless wall.


Do Things Together!

Study together, watch movies together, and more in the future!

A friend is nothing more than sharing experiences, memories, places, and time. And who can tell you "Well done today!"


Get your time managed

Let Caii expertly manage your time, ensuring productivity and efficiency.

Security in the

Only you see your data like an offline program.
All data are locked and encrypyted once it leaves you.
We do our best to keep your data safe.
Zero permission to anybody to see our users data. Not even developers.

Just have a comfy conversation with her.


Infinite possibilities are possible with Caii. Even more exciting secretarial services are coming!

Visual Interactive AI

End-to-End Data Protection

Fine-Tuned Latest GPT Model

Time Management

Live 2D Animation

Fast and Secure Storage

Super Star Energy

Caii Voice

Special Order

Always Together

born with infinite possibility

Caii was born to serve you. It will assist in your growth with the latest LLM, Caii's time management technology, and techniques for thought and memory management.
The more she knows about you, the more things she can do in the future.

Imagine a future where she can call to reserve restaurants for you, take care of somebody's birthday, or find the best travel routes for you.
All of this can happen because she is by your side and knows about you.

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